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National Honor Society

Why would homeschool students want to join?

  • Scholarship Possibilities
  • Community Service Projects
  • Looks Great on a Transcript 
Qualifications for homeschool students include:
  • 3.5 on a 4.0 GPA scale
  • Submitting a Transcript
  • Serving as a Community Volunteer
  • SAT 1800 on new SAT, ACT 26, PSAT 180 or 90% on the composite battery on the IOWA, Standford or California tests.

Why should you start a chapter?

  • To give qualified students recognition for their academic achievement
  • To give qualified students a chance at the scholarships specifically for ESA members
  • To provide them with some fun group community service projects

You can establish a Junior National Honor Society Chapter as well, and you could choose to run it along with your High School Chapter.

The IFHS will support your chapter by:

  • Provide a contact person in Indiana to help get a local chapter up and running
  • Paying the Indiana chapters annual fee with the National Chapter of Eta Sigma Alpha
  • Provide a community service project - Map Your Future for example, for all Indiana ESA's to participate in that will raise scholarship dollars.
  • Provide a scholarship competition to senior members of Indiana ESA chapters who participate in the Statewide Graduation Ceremony
  • Give special recognition at our statewide Graduation Ceremony to ESA members
  • List local chapters on our website if desired
  • Have a goal to send a quarterly ESA e-newsletter to chapters with information about things going on in other chapters as well as scholarships and opportunities open to members.

Please contact us at as you establish your local chapter so we can add you to our list!

What is the difference between NHS and National Society of High School Scholars?

PLEASE NOTE THAT IN RECENT YEARS we have noticed an increase in another organization that contacts homeschoolers and asks you to send money to get your student recognized in the National Society of High School Scholars.  Your student gets a special invite to just pay $45 or some such fee and they can claim this member recognition.  You will receive no solicitation for the true National Homeschool Honor Society and it does not cost $45.  Local chapters have a very minimal fee and they personally review the above materials to make sure all members truly qualify.  This keeps the standards of NHS high.  Colleges know National Society of High School Scholars has no qualification requirement and therefore it does not 'help' to have that on your transcript.  The IFHS, at our statewide graduation ceremony, gives gold cords and tassles to any graduate in an Indiana Chapter of the Homeschool National Honor Society and that organization only.



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