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Classics Technology Center If you are considering schooling with the classical approach, they have wonderful resources especially focused on Ancient Rome and Greece.

Grizzley Music is your one stop music needs. If you have a student interested in learning an instrument or recording their own music. Grizzley Music is the answer. 

Homeschool Freebies & Cost Cutting Ideas Treasures, links and resources for the new and experienced homeschooler.

Homeschooling On A Shoestring A good listing of educational discounts you can pursue and many other resources and links helpful to families on tight budgets.

Homeschooling with Notebooks Especially helpful when using the unit study approach.

Sanford Art Adventure A fine arts program is something we can offer our students that their peers in public school get less and less of. Sanford’s site offers help with creating art, studying art, playing art games and teaching art.

The WebMuseum A helpful collection of works of art by time period and country and artist. Also available are artists biographies.

Homeschool Central A resource website with a page on help for families with preschoolers and links to Educational resources for them.

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Cable in the Classroom A wealth of information available on their site, including viewing times for many educational television programs, if you subscribe to cable channels.

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Homeschool Today

Home-Ed Magazine 

Home School Magazine 

The Old Home School House Magazine

The Teaching Home Magazine

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Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA)

• See their home page for links to homeschooling news on the state, national, and international levels.
• They have excellent links to research studies that have been completed on home schooling.

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Using the links below, you can buy a wide variety of curriculum on-line.  IFHS has affiliate agreements with Learning Things, Amazon, and Christian Book Distributors.  The IFHS will get a small percentage of the profits from your purchase, which will help us toward awarding more scholarships, if you access these companies through our website using these links.  


Donna Young Free organization material that you can download to help you with your home schooling efforts, including calendars and planners.
Discovery Channel Find hundreds of original lesson plans, all written by teachers for teachers at the site.

Edhelper Lesson plans and downloadable worksheets in many subject areas, including math, reading and writing, social studies, science, and technology.

Homeschool Buyers Co-op is a free national purchasing co-op. They offer a variety of purchasable items. 

Lesson Tutor Free reproducible lesson plans, unit studies and print ready worksheets for all levels, all abilities and all subjects of Grade School and High School.

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Eisenhower National Clearinghouse Resource Finder A large, searchable collection of math and science resources for K-12 instruction. You can indicate if you are looking for only free resources in the search for materials.

Smithsonian Links to all of the websites Smithsonian maintains

The Gateway to Educational Materials A great educational search site for lesson plans, websites, books, etc. It is a fantastic resource for anyone using the unit study format. This is a vast site funded by our tax dollars through the Department of Education.

The Internet Public Library A Public Service organization sponsored by the University of Michigan School of Information. They have done a fantastic job of pulling together great resources on any topic and have a large volume of education related sites. The kidspace site has a teacher/parent corner with pages of additional resource sites.

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